The new empire.kred
Six months ago an online networking friend

invited me to join empire avenue , one of the many online networking

sites that competes for your time and energy. I quickly got hooked. It

had the elements of a virtual stock market game, where the value of your

profile went up and down based on other site members buying and selling

your stock. It had the ability to promote your marketing efforts

through missions you could produce. And you could earn more virtual

currency (called eaves) to buy more shares in others and promote

yourself. Recently the parent company of social scoring Kred purchased

empire avenue, now rebranded as empire.kred and it continues to improve

the brand.
Empire.kred is currently in the midst of a thirty day

recruiting drive to bring in new members to the site. I strongly

recommend you take a look. While you can join on your own, if you are

invited by an existing member (like me!) we both will get a cool two

million eaves per new member, to use to grow our networks there, up to

100 million eaves. If you already a member but haven't been there and

have a relatively low value, see if the value of your stock and eaves is

less than two million. If so, consider deleting your account and

starting over again, while hitting the ground running with a two million

value. Over the last six months I have seen people leave and come back

to start over, so why not start with two million in value?
Like most

online networking sites the key for many is to meet new people and

empire.kred has been a great resource for even an experienced networker

like me to meet new people. You can search geographically and target

your local area to meet new people, as well as reach a worldwide

audience. And it’s not all business. Monthly there is a virtual full

moon party that is lots of laughs, while people buy new shares in those

at the party. There are virtual pie throwing binges, where the

recipients receive thousands of eaves to use on the site. At Halloween

there was a contest to find people who had changed their profile picture

to be a Halloween candy, with prizes for finding them. And other such

things are in the works, as well as new initiatives by kred itself to

promote its link to empire.kred
The link to join or rejoin empire.kred with me is https://www.empire.kred/CPAJOE?t=ezmic9th. I look forward to seeing you at empire.kred. Any questions, contact me at josephlrosenbergcpa@consultant.com or at my website http://www.cpajoe.net