Quickbooks is the top accounting software for the small business market, with a variety of packages to meet the needs of both startups and growing businesses.
Startups in need to determining the appropriate accounts for their general ledger can choose from a variety of industries preselected with asset, liability, equity, income and expense accounts already chosen which can be modified by the user. Financial statements are easy to create by determining the accounting period you need the statement for, as well as whether the reports should be on the cash or accrual basis. The business owner can also determine how to enter their sales, purchases, payments and deposits for report generation. Owners in need of assistance can search for a Quickbooks Professional Advisor from Intuit's website for local professionals to set up the software and maintain their records. These advisors may handle the bookkeeping or have other expertise, such as being able to prepare tax returns from the accounting results. Business owners need to be on top of their income and expenses to make decisions about future investments or areas of growth. Using accounting software such as Quickbooks can make this process much easier and can improve decision making by having the numbers available at your fingertips.